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Ways of the World

Carol Stone, business economist & active Episcopalian, brings you "Ways of the World". Exploring business & consumers & stewardship, we'll discuss everyday issues: kids & finances, gas prices, & some larger issues: what if foreigners start dumping our debt? And so on. We can provide answers & seek out sources for others. We'll talk about current events & perhaps get different perspectives from what the media says. Write to Carol. Let her know what's important to you:

Monday, September 28, 2009

William Safire

Perhaps all of you routinely check out the New York Times website of a morning, and you have already seen this today. In memory of their renowned columnist William Safire, who died yesterday at age 79, the Times today highlights one of his memorable columns, "How to Read a Column". If you have in fact not seen it, do take it in. You'll never look at such a feature in the same way again!

Mr. Safire published his "On Language" column in the Times Magazine as recently as September 13, on the issue of bending the curve and using other such symbolic phrases. [We can't begin to choose the right words to describe this succinctly, a not inconsiderable irony in speaking of Mr. Safire.] Here it is:

We will miss this pundit, for whom, the Times' affectionate obituary asserts this morning, the word "pun-dit" was likely coined. May Mr. Safire rest in peace, knowing what pleasure he brought to reading about serious -- and pleasurable -- affairs of the day.

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